Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus)

The Egyptian Vulture, is a small Old World vulture, found from southwestern Europe and northern Africa to southern Asia. The adult Egyptian Vulture usually measures 85 cm from the point of the beak to the extremity of the tail feathers and 1.7 meters between the tips of the wings. It weighs about 2.1 kilograms. The adult plumage is white, with some black feathers in the wings and tail. Stalking around carcasses on usually dusty ground to wait for its turn—the plumage dulls quickly, and birds before moult are beige rather than pure white.


Western Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus)

The Western Marsh-harrier, is a mid-sized bird. The Western Marsh-harrier is 42 to 56 cm in length, and has a wingspan of 115 to 140 cm. It is a large, bulky harrier with fairly broad wings, and has a strong and peculiar sexual dichromatism. The upperside and underside of the wing look similar, though the brown is lighter on the underwing. Whether from the side or below, flying males appear characteristically three-colored brown-grey-black. The legs, feet, irides and the cere of the black bill are yellow.


Sparrow-Hawk (Accipiter nisus)

The Sparrowhawk, is a small bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. The Sparrowhawk is found throughout the temperate and subtropical parts of the Old World, while birds from the northern parts of the range migrate south for winter, their southern counterparts remain resident or make dispersive movements. Sparrowhawks breed in suitable woodland of any type, with the nest, measuring up to 60 cm (2.0 ft) across, built using twigs in a tree.


Short - Toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus)

The Short-toed Eagle, is a medium-sized bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. Adults are 63-68 cm long with an 185-195 cm wingspan and weigh 1.7-1.9 kg. They can be recognised in the field by their predominantly white underside, the upper parts being greyish brown. The chin, throat and upper breast are a pale, earthy brown. The tail has 3 or 4 bars. Additional indications are an owl-like rounded head, brightly yellow eyes and lightly barred under wing.


Shikra (Accipiter badius butleri)

The Shikra, is a small bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. The Shikra is a widespread resident breeder throughout south Asia, especially India, and sub-Saharan Africa. It nests in trees, building a new nest each year. It lays 3–7 eggs. This bird is a small raptor (26–30 cm long) with short broad wings and a long tail, both adaptations to fast manoeuvring .


Red Necked Falcon (Falco chicquera)

The Red-necked Falcon, is a bird of prey in the falcon family. The Red-necked Falcon is a medium-sized, long-winged species with a bright rufous crown and nape. It is on average 30–36 cm in length with a wingspan of 85 cm. The sexes are similar except in size: males are smaller as females as is usual in falcons. Young birds are buff below with less extensive barring and duller upper plumage.


Large Tailed Nightjar (Caprimulgus macrurus)

The Large-tailed Nightjar, is a species of nightjar in the Caprimulgidae family. Adult Large- tailed Nightjar (30cm), plumage resembles leaf litter. Greyish brown plumage, throat patch white; underparts buffy with blackish bars. Wingtips fall at mid-tail at rest. Male : Distinct white patches on outer primaries and broad white tips to 2 outer tail feathers. Female : Wing patch smaller, buffier; tail patches narrow, buffy. Juvenile: Same as female but paler and buffier, tail patches dusky and less distinct.


Small Indian Pratincole (Glareola lactea)

The Small Indian Pratincole, is a small wader in the pratincole family, Glareolidae. This species is only 16.5-18.5 cm in length, with a 15-16 cm wingspan. This bird has short legs, long pointed wings and a short tail. The crown of the head is brown. The wings are grey above with black primaries and black and white bars at the rear edge of the inner flight feathers. The underwings are mainly black. The tail is white with a black terminal triangle. The belly is white.


River Tern (Sterna aurantia)

The River Tern, is a bird in the tern family . This is a medium-sized tern, 38-43 cm long with dark grey upperparts, white underparts, a forked tail with long flexible streamers, and long pointed wings. The bill is yellow and the legs red. It has a black cap in breeding plumage. In the winter the cap is greyish white, flecked and streaked with black, there is a dark mask through the eye, and the tip of the bill becomes dusky. The sexes are similar but juveniles have a brown head, brown-marked grey upperparts, grey breast sides and white underparts.


Lesser Coucal (Centropus bengalensis)

The Lesser Coucal, is a species of cuckoo in the Cuculidae family. Many coucals have a long claw on their hind toe (hallux). The genus name from Greek kentron, a spike and pous for foot describe this hallux claw. The feet have minute spurs and this is responsible for the German term for coucals Sporenkuckucke.


Pied Ground Thrush (Zoothera wardii)

The Pied Thrush, is a member of the thrush family found in India and Sri Lanka. Males of this 22 cm thrush are conspicuously black and white. Mostly black on the upper parts it has a long white supercilium, and white tips to the wing coverts, tertials, rump and tail. The underparts are white with black flank spots the bill and legs are yellow. Females and young birds have the same basic pattern, but the black is replaced by dark brown, and the white by light brown.

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